Good News!

As the time falls back and the days become darker, we the people are falling, losing ground to the evil and sins of the world, Don’t have to look much further than the tv or the Social media. Why?

Well, as I am witnessing, the zombies of the world are getting upset at the notion they may have to put some effort into this old world. Evil has gotten a stronghold, and no one seems to understand that you just might have to fight for your rights to be free! Damn the luck that you may have to do something in this world other than piss and moan. That part of life where you have to become aware and take responsibility for your actions, or lack of.

I am as guilty as the rest of those who walk around complaining about the world. It is a habit we were taught, and it is a hard habit to let go of. It’s so much easier to blame than to take responsibility for our everyday events. Yet, that has happened to our world. There are those who find fault with the system, with the way the world is going outside of them, or that their savior hasn’t come down and saved their asses. So many excuses, but not enough hours in the day. So what can one do, well if I look at what I have done before. I guess I will watch some more tv and do my everyday things without a mindful thought in my head. That will show me!!

I have fallen for the narrative again, been sucked into the drama, taking the red pill, getting angry and frustrated at those around me that are not awake. BLAH BLAH BLAH> NOPE! Had enough. I am jumping this train wreck and taking back my emotions and actions. I am not a bobblehead; I am not a complier. I will not sit here and pray when I know the good Spirit upstairs is going to tell me this: get off your lazy ass and fix it yourself.

I love how I can change my mind. How I can find a better feeling place, be hope-filled and share my thoughts and feelings. I love who I am and I can forgive this ole life. It is up to me to allow the Spirit to show me the way, to become aware and be mindful. I am blessed to come to an understanding that life is challenging, ever changing, and there is only one finish line… getting to the other side having learned lessons, loved hard and taken responsibility for all my actions while living it.

I had a picture come to me the other days when I was searching for information on White Light healing. It was of a woman bent down on her knees, her head bent down, while a kaleidoscope of white light was leaving her hands. A powerful image and a powerful sight to me. I imagined myself creating this same light and surrounding me or sending this light out into the world to help heal. It has had an enormous impact on my life. If we all could see that we are energetic beings that can produce such superpowers, and that our feelings can guide our hands and energy to heal, what a world we can create!

We first need to bring back the basics of life, love, compassion, understanding, time, the family, the true nature of the human. We need to take out the garbage and bring back the basics. We have stayed too far from what is important. It is vital that we protect life from those who would destroy it for a profit.

So what is one to do? Realize your feelings are telling you important information. Notice how you are living life. Or if you are waiting for something to happen. Don’t live on default, live on purpose!

I’ll leave you with this beautiful poem from Oscar Wilde, The Canterbury Ghost; “Death must be so beautiful. To lie in the soft brown earth, with the grasses waving above one’s head, and listen to the silence. To have no yesterday, and no tomorrow. To forget time, to forgive life, to be at peace.” Death is not only leaving this earth but also what we have learned in everyday life. To forgive and make peace with all we deal with!

Remember to love, walk mindful, have compassion and protect, honor and cherish all you are and do.


Photo by Me

Soul Kisses

The other morning, I sent all my friends and loved ones a soul kiss. It is a kiss to the third eye chakra. The magic of a healing kiss on the soul. We need more love, magic and healing in our lives.

The act of a third eye kiss is one of the most powerful healing and loving acts we can give to one another. But how many know of this sacred act? How many of us have been taught how important this simple act can be?

The third eye kiss, or soul kiss, as I like to call it, has an incredible and powerful effect on the human spirit. I am sure there may be some out there that may dismiss the power a soul kiss has, but did you ever have your mom kiss your forehead before you went to bed? I used to take my kids’ temperature by putting my lips to their forehead. I know the infrequent times my mom did this; I felt amazing! I felt loved and safe. We have forgotten the feeling of this. Yet! If you think back, you can feel that warm fuzzy feeling spread from your head to your toes.

The third eye represents a link to our inner self, the soul. The spiritual standpoint allows us to see the beautiful connection to something much bigger than ourselves. A kiss to the third eye, a meeting point between the eyebrows. There is so much healing, a powerful healing and a profound way to show love, by a simple, gentle kiss to this point on the forehead.

A third eye kiss brings to the receiver a wonderful sense of calm and belonging. The third eye kiss gives us a sense of security and safety. Few things bring such joy or powerful healing as a third eye kiss.

So this morning, before my feet hit the floor, I surrounded myself with the bright white light. Then I imagined sending a kiss to all that I know and love a magical third eye kiss. It comes with a side effect. I must warn you, the other person, for no reason, feels hopeful and loved, and it is a boost to your soul as well.

As I live the shaman’s life, I see more and react less. I see the world needs to heal it’s self. When we give healing, we heal ourselves as well as others. To heal and love ourselves, we heal the world. This world is so connected to us as we are connected to the very essence of this world, this planet we live on.

It is an injustice to wait for a savior, a hero, to go around as a victim or waiting for others to change before you can feel better, is a delusional belief. The savior is yourself; you are the hero. There is no one else going to come rescue or save you.

When I hardened my heart, I stopped caring about myself or others. My life stopped having color or magic. No amount of prayers helped, no amount of waiting for others to change helped!! Hundreds of self-help books never helped. It all came back to the woman in the mirror. I found I was the only one who could rescue me. I had to change my diet, the way I looked at things, the way I reacted to things going on in my life.

You need a hero? Be the Godblessed Hero!! You need to change, be the change! You want to heal, then heal thy self. No doctor can heal you, no pill can heal you. The job of a doctor is to give you the courage to heal yourself. Of course, that pill has side effects, so maybe you look to nature for the immunity boost. Just a suggestion. You do you Boo! Remove your own road blocks, have courage in getting out of your own way.

To love has been my salvation. It has been the best gift I could give myself. It hurt, it was scary, and I had a fight on my hands, within myself. I woke up and started distant healing work again. I have witnessed my broken heart opening up once again.

Get this: I work with a lot of crystals and have for most of my life. I was the kid who found rocks and carried them home. I had stones in my room and carried them with me everywhere. I still do that.

I could not work with Rose quartz for the longest time. The stone would show up and if I tried to wear it or have it in the same room as myself, I would get very depressed, feel overwhelming heartache and such sadness. I hid all the rose quartz away from me. Yet, every crystal quiz I took kept telling me the best stone for me was the dreaded Rose Quartz!

This year, I had an amazing transformation. It hurt like a mother, but when I got to the other side of all this awakening and pain, a monumental shift had accrued. My energies shifted as well. I have changed so much. So about a month ago, I was called to Rose quartz again. This time I took on the challenge. When I handled the Rose quartz, I was amazed how I felt so revived and fell in love with this stone. I wear it all the time. The same thing happened with the peridot crystal. Both stones help to heal the heart. I can now wear, sleep and feel amazing with these stones.

The shift in my energies and the energy vibes have changed so much. My emotions have become a guide instead of my emotions controlling me. I can connect right away to my emotions and feel my way back to a better feeling. I go outside more; I have vast gardens and lots of marigolds. My favorite flower! I listen to nature, connect with the bees use nature as medicine and energies to heal myself and the planet. It is up to us to be the change.

As I changed, my life changed my land changed my home’s vibrational field changed. I see life coming back in, surrounding me. I realized that no one outside of me controls me. There is no how to book. Emotions are your guidance. Your feelings are your compass. I can’t teach nor even share what I have done. All I can tell you is I started to show up in my life and take notice of what I was saying internally .

That me shutting down my heart was only hurting me. Waking my heart back up; gave me my life back. Listening to what I was telling myself was truly a revelational turning point. If you are not aware of what you are saying to yourself, there is no hope. Without hope, there is nothing. I found that hopeless feeling and turned it around.

There is also one more thing I will add here. I am a woman, a being of emotions, an adult female. Who loves every emotional part of herself. As a woman I carry that gratefully. I carry the code of life inside of me. As a woman of quantum seeing, I see and feel things operating on multiple dimensions simultaneously. I as a woman, sense on a whole different level, or levels. Nothing is black and white or ever a straight path. My lovely life is a rollercoaster. And I am learning to be proud and embrace that in me. For too long, the feminine side of the human spirit has been thought weak, too emotional, but that is not true, without balance, of the feminine and the masculine. We get what we are seeing in today’s world. I will allow no one to take away the woman, the female that is my Goddess given right!

Until we meet again, here is a soul kiss for you! Ren So mai!


Baby Bee in my pocket

I went to the mountains the other day. A beautiful fall day, crisp and clear. The aspen had already turned colors and lost most of their leaves, but the scrub oak was popping with colors of yellow and red. A perfect day to go for a walk in the hills. The path we chose was a little country road carved into the oaks. It was so quiet. The only sound was birds, crickets, and the breeze.

There were purple daisies still putting on the last blooms of the season. And the little Bees and Halloween-colored Butterflies were getting the last bit of pollen. Ahhh, to breathe in and out and climb the trail listening to your own thoughts.

I made it quite a ways but started to get a bit tired in my legs. I am still dealing with some issues from earlier this year. My legs seem to have lost connection with my brain. I don’t know if it is from my Lyme or the Covid I got. I know both can cause sensory nerve issues. Nothing I can do about it but love and nurture my body while she takes care of the rest.

About a mile into the hike, we decided to go back to our car and drive up the rest of the way. Have some lunch and explore some more when I felt stronger. I will not give up, I am no quitter, I just find different ways to do what I want. You create what you want.

This hike was a blessing for sure and I am so glad I did the walk. As you know, if you have read my post, I speak to Spirit all the time, and today I was hearing a lot from Spirit. I believe in signs from spirit, and that if we pay attention, we can gain a lot of information.

As I was walking down the hill, I put my hands in my jacket pocket and felt something soft. I thought maybe it was a piece of mountain sage I had been playing with earlier. My hands are not strong, so I was very gently rolling this soft ball between my fingers.

I brought my hand out of my pocket and to my surprise, here was a tiny fuzzy Baby Bee. I dropped him rather rudely, but gently on the ground. I went over to make sure he was okay. He was walking around on the ground. I am sure being rolled around like a ball of lint was pretty surprising for him as well.

It shocked me how soft and durable the little fuzzy fellow was. He was brown and yellow and fuzzy, a genuine miracle.

I’ve been working in bee medicine. so I took it as a sign that I’m doing things right. I have added bee pollen and bee propolis to my diet. I have had to micro-dose because of herxing issues.

“When Bee buzzes in as your Spirit Animal, it’s a reminder to trust in miracles.” Bee as a Totem Animal is for those whose greatest wish is for all living things to co-exist in peace and love.

Bee teaches how your higher self is aiding you in a flight pattern that will land you smack dab in the sweetest of spots.

If you think about the Bee is a remarkable defier of flying. It is designed all wrong aerodynamically. From a Spirit perspective, this speaks of our limitations and how to move past them successfully. It’s doubtful that Bee knows it shouldn’t fly, it simply DOES, and so can we.

As you can see, I had a remarkable day. I was present in the moment, and mindful. As I was surrounded by reds, golds, green leaves, and purple flowers, I was reminded to stop and listen to your inner dialogue.

It helped me to put into perspective the issues I have about my illness and the way I take things said to me. I can allow others to trigger me or I can move past them. The other day as I was gathering tomatoes and basil from the garden, the little honey bees were busy gathering pollen from the flowers near me. We worked together. They flew around me and I gently walk amongst them. As I become aware of my surroundings, I see life always in motion. The Bees move from flower to flower and come back to the ones they could not get to.

Life is about creating, moving, and being mindful. To take responsibility for our own actions is truly a loving act. We are showing up in love when we pay attention to everything that surrounds us.

Every day, I am learning about myself, it’s become fun to see what I can create and how I can co-create the day I want. There is no victim, there is only self-pity. We have a choice and the freedom to do as we please. I am empowering myself to step into my greatness and to be a giant and lead the world by example. To bring back the alignment to this planet. When we heal ourselves and our ancestors, we heal the planet.

When we take responsibility for our actions, we heal the planet. When we hold people responsible for their actions, we heal the planet. It is time to awaken and take action in a loving way. And show the world by action that we can heal our world once we have healed ourselves. It is simple, love thyself, and you’ll love the lessons to come.

Until we meet again. Bee good to yourself.



Squeaky Shoes

“The Resurrection—- Some people live as though they are already dead. There are people around us who are consumed by their past, terrified of their future, and stuck in their anger and jealousy. They are not alive; they are just walking corpses. If you look around yourself with mindfulness, you will see people going around like zombies. Have a great deal of compassion for the people around you who are living like this. They do not know that life is accessible only in the here and now.

We must practice resurrection, and this is an everyday practice. With an in-breath, you bring your mind back to your body. In this way, you become alive in the here and now. Joy, peace, and happiness are possible. You have an appointment with life, an appointment that is the here and now.” A paragraph from the book (Your true home, the everyday wisdom of Thich Nhat Hanh)

I have been walking around like the living dead, heartbroken by the past and current events.

Spirit has been helping me to deal with this. I have had so much pain and can not get over my depression. When there is dis ease there becomes the disease. For days I have walked around wailing and distraught by the losses of the past. My heart hurts so much that I feel like I would be better off dead.

The world has changed in such a short time; it seems. The serpents and demons getting control of the human race. We the human people have allowed this by waking around unmindful and dead. I am finally seeing how my past has taken over and I am waking to find I, too, have become one of the walking dead.

Why we become the walking dead, I believe, is a coping mechanism that we do to help us deal with the pains of our past or present moments.

As I walked around like a lost ghost, dealing with my past heartbreaks, I was desperate to ease my sorrows. What I was doing was not working. Self-medicating and trying to hide from the pain had me in more pain.

So there was a day when I had left my clogs outside on the firewood box and they melted in the 100-degree day we had. Which I will say is normal this time of year. But the shoes were a mess, and I had to replace them with a new pair. I got a unique brand that was on sale. They showed up the other day and I put them on. As I walked around the house, they fit nicely and I was happy with my choice.

I went outside to put some wine bottle trees up in the front yard. As I walked around, those shoes became musical. Those shoes became quite rude, I tell you. A furp here and a smerp here and I found myself laughing so hard. The more I walked, the louder and ruder they became. My husband made a comment that he couldn’t take me anywhere. I walked around laughing and smiling.

There came a big change in my attitude that day. As I walked around furping and burping and smerping. I giggled and felt so light and free. Those shoes became a wonderful gift. The gift of letting go, and laughing.

As the paragraph at the beginning of the blog stated, I had fallen into the zombie apocalypse. My heartbreaks are too much to bear and understand. Sometimes we need to walk away smerping and furping and allow things to be at those times. I can’t change the past, but I can change how I am today.

With all that is going on and the evil that has taken over the world, is it no wonder we find ourselves feeling down? But there is one thing we have that is so powerful and such a tiny word is used to describe it. We have hope; we have hope of dreams coming true, that humanity will see and destroy the evil we have allowed in among us. There is always hope for a better day.

I once read a book where the author described hope as nothing, that it meant nothing. I quit reading that book and I donated it to the library. I should have thrown it away. But it left a lasting thought and I feel like I gave up on that super powerful word. Hope! What a good feeling word!

Hope; is to desire with the expectation of obtainment or fulfillment. Having hope means that you have absolute faith that everything will work out. I feel like that is how hope is used to its fullest.

Feeling hope has changed for me. No more do I hope things will be, but I am seeing hope as I am well on my way to getting what I want. I am empowering my desire by hoping.

“If you can get more into a confident expectation, hope will just be a powerful vehicle you once used to get you there. Words by Lyana Pearson.

I will leave you with these inspiring words by Thich Nhat Hanh; “Be there truly. Be there with 100 percent of yourself. In every moment of your daily life. That is the essence of true Buddhist meditation. That is why I like to define mindfulness as the energy that helps us to be there 100 percent. It is the energy of your presence.”

Love and light


The Great disconnect

As the world continues to deal with the evil that has taken over, I am reminded by Spirit that this had to happen. There have been Scholars, Our Forefathers, the Wiseman and Shaman who have predicted this would happen.

Now trust me, I do not believe in a devil, but I believe there is evil in this world. The human being has both good and evil in him/her. It is our decision and choice which one we will go with.

As we see the evil of this time going on, we are all confused that so many evil doers have so much power to weld. But do they? Is it that those we elected, and had faith they would do their job and represent the people, have us buffaloed us into thinking they have that kind of control?

Have we been repressed, divided, and the family values destroyed in order to control and have us comply? Are the lies that they have our best interest in mind just that a lie? I would think most who read this blog will agree, yes we have allowed the evil in and now we need to dismantle and destroy their control.

The adage of would you let an animal that is not housebroken into your home? Well, my lovelies, let just put this out there. That is exactly what has happened.

Too much conformity, little family values and the dumming down of society have caught up to us. The willfully allowing the government to step into all that we do has brought upon us the greatest plague. The disconnect in the roles of the man and the woman. We no longer have respect for one another. There is no compassion, only the habit of going through life in a very meaningless way.

My Daughter was telling me the other day about how she turned off the TV, opened the windows and listen to the rainstorm outside. The grandkids were busy playing, and she just sat and meditated. She was so happy and relaxed. My daughter had become mindful of where she was and what was happening around her. She had stopped for a moment. Can you feel the sigh of relief? Ahhh, just to stop and relax, to breathe deeply.

How many of us are so disconnected from life? Do we really taste that cup of tea? Are you mindful as you drive to work? Do you really taste your food or are you just going through the motions, disconnected from the emotions? Do we listen to one another or are we having a stressful conversation within our minds?

Go to work, to school, or to church. Are we really activity taking part or are we just wondering aimlessly? What is the next hurried thing we need to do?

Thich Nhat Hanh described it so well; Habit energy—The story of the man and the horse. The horse is galloping quickly, and it appears that the man on the horse is going somewhere important. Another man, standing alongside the road, shouts, “Where are you going?” and the first man replies, “I don’t know!” Ask the horse!” This is also our story.

We are riding a horse, we can’t stop. The horse is our habit energy pulling us along, and we are powerless. We are always running, and it has become a habit. We struggle all the time, even during our sleep. We are at war within ourselves and we can easily start a war with others.

Thich Nhat Hanh goes on to tell us, We must learn the act of stopping–stopping our thinking, our habit energies, our forgetfulness, the strong emotions that rule us.

How can we stop our fear, despair, anger, and craving? Thich Nhat Hanh tells us we can stop by practicing mindful breathing, mindful talking, mindful smiling, and deep looking in order to understand.

WE need the energy of mindfulness to recognize and be present with our habit energy in order to stop this course of destruction. To shine a light on our habits is to help us find our way out of the darkness of forgetfulness. You can find more of these wonderful little gems from Thich Nhat Hanh in his book (The pocket Thich Nhat Hanh)

The great disconnect is like the Nothingness in the story, the Never-ending story. Without dreams, without care and compassion, we are all zombies, walking and doing habits every day. It is easy to manipulate the masses when you have them in a habit of fear, anger, and division. There once was a time we spoke to one another. Now we fear saying or doing something that will trigger others.

My son put it so well the other day, we need to hurt and be uncomfortable with the past. It is how we learn and evolve. Evolution is the process by which different living organisms are thought to have developed and diversified from earlier forms during the history of the earth. Without our history, how can we change what we need to to make this life better?

Why are so many afraid of taking responsibility for their actions?

There is the greatest question yet to be answered in my book.

So while this time in our lives is uncomfortable, scary and makes you angry, it is a necessity to help us grow and do better for the goodness of life.

Stop today and take notice of all you do. Really see the people in your lives, hear and feel their voices. Notice what you are saying to yourself. Is the sun warm, is the air humid or fresh, can you smell the flowers, how does your food taste? Become mindful! Jump off this merry-go-round of a life that has become a habit.

I’ll leave you will a great song by Pam Tillis Shake the sugar tree!

Have a great habit free day


Echos from the past

Been a couple of minutes since my last blog. I’ve been busy with my book. But I hit a big snag with it.

See as I was going though all the blogs I have written from the past, I was trying to put them into a book form. It seemed to be going quite well, but I started to deal with some harsh depression.

It seemed the deeper I went into the past, the more I was suffering with the anxiety, the depression, the fear, the hurt. You name it; I was reliving all the hurt from those pages I had written some time ago.

As I reread my blogs, I could see a very hurt woman, but that is not who I am today. I wanted to rewrite what I had written. I did not believe in those concepts anymore and it was bothering me to read them and wanting to put them in a book. Those emotions and feeling were not me anymore. They were just echos from the past.

The deeper I worked on the book, the worse I felt. I was having panic attacks and was upset most of my days.

About a week ago, it all came to a head. I woke up one morning to find I was crippled. I mean, I could not walk, dress, get up and down without help. I had to buy a cane. I hurt so badly in my hips and leg. I thought I would end up in the hospital, and I’d rather crawl to the Royal Gorge bridge and fall off of it, then go to a hospital.

The pain took my breath away. I was in shock at how I had lost my ability to walk. I tried everything in my natural medicine arsenal. I ended up bringing in the big holistic meds. Kratom and THC became my go to. I also have a very clean diet and am mostly vegan. I added eggs about three months ago, and once in a great while I’ll have a little wild caught fish.

I really do not not like taking Kratom or THC unless absolutely necessary. I dislike that high feeling. By the way, Kratom is in a tea form and the THC is a slave. I do not smoke marijuana. The Kratom helped with the anxiety and panic attacks but not with the pain. The THC helped with the pain but caused some anxiety. Working with te both plus some catnip tea helped me to get the worse of the pain under control.

I started doing stretches and acupressure on myself. I’m a Reiki Master, so I was doing self Reiki as well. For four days, I struggled to walk and do the simple everyday things we do. On the fifth day, I had a miracle happen. The pain eased up, and I could walk a bit with the cane. I still was struggling to get up and down but I could do it without screaming.

Through this time, I wondered if reliving the pain and sorrow of the blogs I was working on was causing physical blockages that were now manifesting into physical ailments. As I have learned, if there is dis-ease that can turn into disease.

I stopped working on my book and stopped writing for a while and let things go while I concentrated on getting my health back.

The past is where we come from, but it is not who we are. I have grown and healed from many trials and tribulations. The more I tried to make this book from the person I once was, the more I was having this huge fight within myself. My past is not me and I do not want it to be. Yes, it helps to know where we came from, but there are things we really want to heal and let go of. I didn’t want to have these past thoughts and feeling in my book. I am so different. I have accomplished so much. I am so proud of my victories.

I am a very sensitive soul, and my emotions can cause me physical pain. I have to always be watchful of what I am feeling. How I am dealing with the things going on around me, as well as how I am dealing with myself.

The state of the world is not helping. As we grow away from the family values, the compassion for one another and the communities we once had. The human being we are has become confused and lost. The evil that we have allowed to take control doesn’t like the family unit, doesn’t want there to be communities and the gathering of the people.

I put myself in a pit of despair when I went back to my past and tried to make it into something it isn’t. It once was, but it is not anymore. It is an echo of who I was. I am a warrior and do not fear tough talks, or fighting for the family unit. I walk tall and proud and do not comply with what the evil would like me to comply with. It can be a very lonely way of life, but it is true life to me.

I want to show myself how far I have come, to cry and celebrate my victories, to be proud of the growth I have gone through. I have become my hero.

So from this day forward I will let go of the echos of the past and stay in the present where I belong.

I am feeling much better and have recovered a lot. I am almost back to normal for me that is. LOL

Stay true to you!