Summer sun 🌞

So we all should know that the sun is the spice of life. We get many benefits from it. But as the chemicals being sprayed and raining down on us. We have to make sure we protect our delicate skin. The biggest organ of the body.

So I’ve been asked…what natural sunscreen can I use to keep from burning? There are several ways to protect the skin. One is organic Coconut oil. I also use carrot seed oil. And magnesium is a great way to help keep your skin in top condition, and it has a plethora of other benefits. Do your research 🧐.

For years we have been misguided by the CDC and FDA on the sunscreen made by man. It causes cancer and keeps you from absorbing beneficial minerals.

And now as word is spreading about the chemicals being used on us by those who care not for humanity. It’s even more important that we take care of ourselves, and stay away from the government run big pharmaceutical companies.

You can find out more information hereπŸ‘‡πŸ»

It’s time to take back your power to heal.

Be back soon

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