What would Your Heart Say

I am free to be who ever I want to be!! Using the heart to find balance, discovering the authentic self, and shifting negative thoughts and behaviors into powerful positive thoughts!

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A Work Of Art in this world

I’m a work in progress is what this page is all about. We are all works of Art in this world. I have found that as life goes on the lump’s, Bump’s and bruises are here to teach us to let go and relax.  We are not meant to get out of life Alive, in fact we never truly die.  I am finding the gifts the Divine left for me to get through the worst of it with easy and love. Love never dies and neither do we, we just change our energy into something else. Life goes on and changes like the wind gets colder and the river freezes it still is there but it has changed it’s form.

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This is a contact page with some basic contact information and a contact form.